Why InfoCrank®?

- Leader in power meter industry for precise and accurate data. Robust performance.

- Official power meter of British Cycling (Team GB), the UCI World Cycling Centre and many Institutes of Sport.

- Just plug-and-play: No need for magnets, accelerometers, no regular zero offsets, no calibrations.

- Measures True Left/Right Power Balance, Total Power, Pedal Smoothness, Torque Effectiveness and Cadence.

- An InfoCrank® would fit virtually every bike with most crank lengths from 155mm to 180mm.

Upgrade Your Speed

Verve works with leading companies like CeramicSpeed to design and manufacture bottom brackets for your InfoCrank®

- Have 3 to 5 times greater longevity than other bearings on the market.

- Help you ride faster using less energy with improved power transfer.

Product Testing

We have a facility to test many 3rd party products using InfoCrank® accuracy. When we are satisfied that  a product can add real value, we will seek to make it available to MYPOWER members.