Come ride with us

Verve Cycling, the makers of InfoCrank®, don’t just sell Power Meters.  We’re passionate about our customers and helping them get the most out of their power training and cycling events. That’s why, every year, we put on a series of training camps and rides, both our own and with our trusted partners, where we will work with you to fully understand power meter training.
"Many of the camps are for seasoned cyclists. The aim is not to ride fast, but to sustain the effort day after day, normally with multiple climbs per day. Some camps also include specific skills training. All camps are led by experienced coaches and/or guides."
Bryan Taylor, MD


 Achieve your cycling objectives

 Train smarter

Come to the Haute Route or your chosen endurance events at the peak of your form, with the skills to excel.

⇒ Race smarter

Achieve a higher place during the race itself.

Train smarter

⇒ Individual power guidance

Specific to the tough one day and multi day endurance events.
First-hand observation and feedback.
Regular exchange and updates.

⇒ Training camps

Simulate race conditions.
Develop endurance.
Improve critical skills.
Scout key parts of the course.



Climbing and descending.
Bike handling.
Recovery and nutrition.
Selecting equipment.

Each camp has an entirely different personality even though some of the same terrain is covered in each.

Both camps start and finish near Innsbruck in the wonderful Stubai Valley surrounded by the Austrian Dolomites and the glaciers of the main Alpine Ridge.

The first camp will be run in conjunction with Mike Cotty and Deb from the Col Collective and primarily showcases the area while teaching our guests how to ride and enjoy the mountains. Riders will also experience the InfoCrank® and learn how to pace in valleys and on the longer climbs. If you have always yearned to go to the Dolomites, but were not sure how you would cope, this has to be the camp for you. A feast for all the senses.

Later, in September, in conjunction with Haute Route Training Partner, Alpine Cols, Verve is running a specific training camp. With the changes to the course and timing for this year’s Dolomites Haute Route, we also changed the camp to take in the famous Stelvio, from the epic side. That will be a day to remember, however there will be 6 others that will remain with you also. This will be a big miles week with lots of climbing. Do this camp and you will be ready for any one day or multi-day challenge.


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