Verve CeramicSpeed M30 PF30
Verve CeramicSpeed BBright
Verve CeramicSpeed BB386EVO
Wishbone PF30A - M30
Wishbone BB86PF 24mm
Wishbone ITA30 - M30
Wishbone TF825 - M30

Ceramic Bottom Bracket - When you don't want to waste your WATTS.

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Ceramic Bottom Brackets for your InfoCrank®.  Did you know that there can be watts of difference between bottom brackets? The InfoCrank® tells you precisely how many Watts you are putting out, but for the same watts, these Ceramic Bottom brackets may also make you faster.

Verve has sourced the best Ceramic Bottom Brackets to pair with your M30 or 24mm InfoCrank®. Just select from the range and feel the difference.

  • BBright, BB386EVO, PF30, PF30A, T825, ITA30, BSA.
  • Manufacturers are Ceramic Speed of Denmark and Wishbone who both make custom ceramic Bottom Brackets for InfoCrank® M30.

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