InfoCrank Verve Cycling High Speed Data Logger
InfoCrank Verve Cycling High Speed Data Logger

High Speed Data Logger - what is happening when you pedal the bike?

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Now it is time to get serious! What you really want to know is exactly what your bike and legs are doing every few milliseconds. Forget all the 2% stuff. This is real data straight from your InfoCrank® and accessible to you and your coach as soon as you finish your effort. Teamed up with Crank Info for analysis and you are are on your way to world-class improvement.

The data logger is recording each of your cranks independently - each of the 256 times per second for each of them. The torque data is recorded and time-stamped every four milliseconds, giving a professional level trace of your precise pedal action. This is synchronised with the onboard sensors (Gyros, accelerometers, barometers and GPS) and also with your speed and Heart Rate sensors. The complete package of information to base your improvement on.

Designed only to be uploaded to Crank Info for analysis, storage, comparison and access to raw data if you like to study that sort of stuff.

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