InfoCrank® 130 BCD 24mm (Professional Classic) Crank only
InfoCrank® 130 BCD 24mm (Professional Classic) Crank only

InfoCrank® 130 BCD 24mm (Professional Classic) Crank only

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You have heard all about InfoCrank®, now you can buy it directly from the manufacturers and get your products and your service from the same people.

The InfoCrank® has been developed for the cyclist who wants accurate and real power data- on the spot and to analyse in detail later. A cyclist's power comes from the amount of Tangential Force or Torque applied through the cranks. The InfoCrank® only measures this force and not other forces, because they don't drive the bike forward.

The InfoCrank® uses direct measurement (not derived) which means there is no calibration necessary, no three or five-second smoothing necessary and it operates accurately at any temperature and any altitude you'll be riding through. It's also fully waterproof.


  • Left and Right True Torque meter 
  • Professional crankset
  • 130mm BCD spider
  • 24mm Standard Shimano™ spindle, fits most frames
  • Factory calibrated
  • Current firmware enables accurate pedalling waveform & torque streaming
  • No magnets required for regular riding

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