VAM35 Clincher Wheel Set

VAM35 Clincher Wheel Set - The winning combination

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The wheels we ride here at Verve.

"We have tested many and this is the best all-rounder we have seen"

"This is the best combination we have ridden and tested for value and aerodynamics. We have managed to get them to our riders at lower prices than similar wheels, including others we tested, but with the highest quality."

Superior Technology

The VAM wheels are one of the few models made with the best Filament winding technology.  This is the future of carbon wheels NOW!

Our filament winding process utilises slit tape towpreg to accurately lay up the carbon fibre in an automated, computer-controlled process. The use of pre-impregnated carbon fibre tape allows us to use the latest resins that offer the optimal blend of high glass transition (Tg) temperature exceeding 240° C in testing, toughness and impact resistance. Var rims can, therefore, be used in challenging conditions where extended braking periods are expected. 

The profile of the VAM 35 TCD rim was developed to offer the best aerodynamics when used with 25-28mm tires. The external width of 30mm optimizes the airflow in combination with wider tires, while the internal width of 21mm ensures that the wider tires achieve a stable, round profile. The rim width also means that the rims are laterally very stiff while the filament winding process ensures that the rims remain vertically compliant due to the 45-degree fibre layup bias. The combination of these features results in very fast, safe handling wheels that can be used in any conditions.