What does the InfoCrank measure?
The InfoCrank® has been developed for the cyclist who wants accurate and real power data- on the spot and to analyse in detail later. A cyclist's power comes from the amount of Tangential Force or Torque applied through the cranks. The InfoCrank® only measures this force and not other forces, because they don't drive the bike forward. The InfoCrank® uses direct measurement (not derived) which means there is no calibration necessary, no three or five second smoothing necessary and it operates accurately at any temperature and any altitude you'll be riding through.. It's also fully waterproof.


- Left and Right power meter crankset
- Compact 110mm BCD spider
- 24mm Standard Shimano™ spindle, fits most frames
- Possibility to upgrade Bottom Bracket To top quality Ceramic from Wishbone
- Supplied with Road Chainring set
- factory calibrated
- current upgrades enable accurate pedalling waveform, torque streaming with no magnets required for regular riding.

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