Praxis Cold Forged Chain Ring set - Tried and Trusted

Praxis Cold Forged Chain Ring set - Tried and Trusted

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These rings were made in the same factory as the InfoCrank® right from the beginning.  Still the standard for standard sized rings.


Our 2X shifting chainrings are created with our proprietary forging process which allows us to manipulate the ring shape and tooth profile more than ever before. With our “One-Shot” forging we are able to increase the amount of shifting features on a chainring which normal CNC manufacturing won’t allow.

The process also creates a harder and tougher tooth surface for durability. Individual tooth profiles, alternating tooth angles, timed ramps and tactically placed shift pins are packed onto a Praxis ring. Translation: All of these small features add up to the most durable and consistent shifting rings ever produced for cyclists.


Our LevaTime™ shifting is the product of years of relentless testing and tweaking. The final result is a set of some of the finest and fastest-shifting matched sets  available. With a LevaTime™ ring, several shift pins are placed strategically at points on the ring to provide a perfectly timed lift.

Synchronized ramps are tuned with a specific inner ring, providing a clean channel for the chain to move upwards. Each individual tooth is sculpted to handle a specific duty. Along with that, precisely located scallops help control chain movement and prevent chain suck. After riding these rings, you’ll realize these aren’t your average, ordinary chainrings.